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EOS Education provides professional development services to K-12 that

Improve Technology Integration & Teacher Effectiveness

We focus on sustainable program implementation, building capacity
and maximizing district and school resources

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Training that gets teachers

Comfortable With Technology

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Google Apps

Docs, Drive, Forms,
Sites, Hangouts

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Mobile Devices

iPads, Laptops, Tablets, Chromebooks

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Learning Management

Google Classroom, Edmodo,
Canvas, Blackboard

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Connected Classrooms

Promethean, Smart, Boxlight

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Microsoft Office

Word, Excel, Powerpoint,
OneNote, Skype, Sharepoint

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The Way It Should Be

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Using Video To

Capture and Share Great Teaching

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Videos for Flipped and Blended Learning

Turning the Traditional Classroom Upside Down and Inside Out!

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District Owned Learning Libraries

Lesson Libraries are a powerful tool for improving lesson quality and decreasing planning time.

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Teacher Professional Growth

One of the best ways to improve teaching is to share classroom practice. Videos are essential to bring sharing to life.

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Teacher Evaluation

Videos can be game changing in the teacher evaluation process and complement or even replace classroom observations.

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Mobile Device

Integration Programs

With proper instruction and integration, student mobile devices can become an effective learning
tool that maximizes both student achievement and instructional effectiveness.

Planning and Policy

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Connectivity, Hardware and Management

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Training and Professional Development

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Planning and Policy Consulting

After years of learning from student mobile devices implementations by hundreds of schools and districts across the country, the question has become not “if” but “how”. EOS helps educational leaders be successful in sustainable implementations of mobile devices. Our experience team provides a very practical and comprehensive approach, from strategic planning, to communication, project management and extensive professional development opportunities for educators, administrators, and stakeholders.

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Connectivity, Hardware and Management

Even the best designed mobile device implementations can fail if there is insufficient connectivity, good quality devices and necessary support for school administrators and teachers. EOS provides a suite of software and services that utilize best of breed tools to deliver a comprehensive solution that can be integrated with both new and existing technology. Our solutions embrace a wide range of partners from device procurement to accessories, connectivity and implementation and support services. We help ensure all the necessary elements of sustainable programs are part of your program.

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Training and Professional Development

When we are introducing new technology into the classroom we all have fears and concerns. How do I start? How does this fit into my current teaching practices? Where can I find good resources? What do I do when I need help? Without clear answers to these questions and a solid support and training plan, the funds spend on technology are wasted. We support teachers along the journey of transforming their classrooms by personalizing learning through student access to mobile devices. We start from fundamentals and go to more advanced uses that are aligned with district, school, and teachers individual goals.

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Communication Programs

That Engage Parents

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Classroom Websites

Classroom websites are a valuable and easy to implement tool to keep parents and students informed. There are many software options that allow teachers to quickly create, manage, and update their websites. We help district and school leaders to create a consistent vision of classroom websites, including their objectives, level of standardization, topics, content, design etc. We also create websites frameworks that simplify the implementation process for teachers. Independently on the tool chosen, we provide support in Planning, offer Project Management, and full training for teachers.

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Mobile Apps for
Schools and Districts

Today’s technology gives educators new opportunities to provide access to clear, user-friendly, and updated information. EOS, with its partner AVAI Mobile, offer a customized, world-class mobile app to further engage parents, and give full variety of information – from current events to bus routes, lunch menu, and emergency alerts. Mobile apps are often a significant financial investment, involving unpredictable development costs and necessary maintenance expenses. We offer an education-proven and fully customizable app that minimizes the risk of building a communication app and at a fraction of the typical cost.

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Implementation and Management

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Teacher Motivation Programs

Badges, Levels, Certifications, Microcredentials - EOS has program to motivate even the most tech averse teachers.

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Pilot Programs for New Initiatives

EOS Program Management services help your new initiatives get off the ground.

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Distance Learning

Architected solutions built on best practices.

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Blended Learning / Flipped Classroom

Customized and flexible solutions to meet individual needs, priorities, budgets and timing.

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