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Our Approach

Classroom Management is one of the MOST difficult things for any teacher to learn, but a well-managed classroom is absolutely critical to learning.

This very practical and easy to implement training course that is focused on several different strategies and techniques. It is not a new “program” but rather a practical dive into classroom management that fits with any school-wide intervention program that schools and teacher may already be utilizing.

We help educators to learn the four Crucial Components to Classroom Management:

  • Positive Student/Teacher Relationships
  • Procedures & Expectations
  • Monitoring, and
  • Consequences.

How We Do It

The training lasts up to 6 hours and can be divided into multiple shorter sessions to fit any Professional Development calendar.

Most of the time is spent on practicing classroom management strategies and techniques to successfully implement them in the classroom. During the sessions, we use videos from real teacher classrooms to exemplify techniques and strategies.

Virtual and on-site coaching is available to model these strategies and provide support during classroom implementation.